This page is under construction, but may have some useful info. Note that this information is for reference only. If it is incorrect, please let us know - we're just trying to be helpful. While we supply pickups and electronics for some Ibanez instruments, most are custom for them. You will need to contact Ibanez directly for any issues you have with your Ibanez instrument -


ANB1006 - Adam Nitti Signature - xxM56C-B (neck) and xxM56C-T (bridge) with NTMB+F Custom Electronics Harness.  The pickups are available for purchase from your dealer. - See attached diagram.

GBV1006 - Gerald Veasley Signature - P45C-B (neck) and P45C-T (bridge).  For better tone, the electronics can be upgraded to a Bartolini HR-5.2AP harness.

GBW1005 NTF - Gary Willis Signature - GWB Pickup is made custom for Ibanez, so is not available to the public. The NTBT HR-2.2AP Harness is available.

GWB35 - does not have Bartolini pickups. Bartolini BC5CBC-T is a common pickup upgrade. 

     The electronics can be upgraded to the HR-2.2AP prewired harness.

GB1 (1999), GWB2 (1999), GWB1 (2002), and QWB105 (2005) - GWB Pickup and HR-2.2AP Electronics - See attached diagram.


SR5000 Prestige - Custom Bartolini RT4 pickups.  Electronics can be upgraded to HR-5.4AP.

SR5005 Prestige - Custom Bartolini RT5 pickups.  Electronics can be upgraded to HR-5.4AP.

SR5006 Prestige - Custom Bartolini RU6 pickups.  Electronics can be upgraded to HR-5.4AP.

BTB1205E Prestige - Custom Bartolini P45 pickups.  Bartolini Custom ITMB 18V 3-Band Preamp.

BTB1206E Prestige - Custom Bartolini P46 pickups.  Bartolini Custom ITMB 18V 3-Band Preamp.

BTB1305E Prestige - Custom Bartolini P45 pickups.  Bartolini Custom ITMB 18V 3-Band Preamp.

BTB1306E Prestige - Custom Bartolini P45 pickups.  Bartolini Custom ITMB 18V 3-Band Preamp.

Mid Range

SRC6 - Can be upgraded to M35CBC due to narrow string spacing. (factory EMG)

SRFF4505 - Can be upgraded to P25CBC. (factory NS)

SR1800E, SR1400TE, SR1400E, SR1200E, SR1200EL - Upgrade to BC4CBC pickups and HR-5.4AP. (factory NS-single)

SR1805E, SR1405TE, SR1405E, SR1205E, SR1205EL - Upgrade to P25CBC pickups and HR-5.4AP. (factory NS-single)

SR1806E, SR1406TE, SR1406E, SR1206E - Upgrade to P46CBC pickups and HR-5.4AP. (factory NS-single)

Entry Level

SR250, SR300, SR400 - Comes with Ibanez EXF-N2 Pickups and EQB-III EQ - Upgrade to MK4CBC with HR-5.2AP

SR255, SR305, SR375 - Comes with Ibanez EXF-N2 Pickups and EQB-III EQ - Upgrade to MK5CBC with HR-5.2AP


GSR200 - Comes with Ibanez PSNDP, PSNDJ and PHAT-II EQ - Upgrade to 9J-L1 and 8S with HR-4.5AP

GSR205 - Comes with Ibanez DXH-5N, 5B and PHAT-II EQ - Upgrade to M45CBC with HR-4.5AP

GSR206   Comes with Dynamix H Passive pickups Upgrade to M56CBC with HR4.5AP

Bartolini Branded Import Pickups

For support with the following pickups, please contact Ibanez directly. The following pickups are manufactured under a license agreement for the benefit of Bill and Pat Bartolini.

MK-1 Pickups.   These are often upgraded to US made MK4CBC, MK5CBC, or MK6CBC pickups which are a direct replacement for 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string respectively. 

GBV36 - Upgrade to MK6CBC pickups and HR-5.4AP Electronics

GRF700 - MK-1-4 can be upgraded to MK4CBC.

GRF705 - MK-1-5 can be upgraded to MK5CBC.

SR800, SR700, SR500, - MK-1-4 can be upgraded to MK4CBC with HR-5.4AP

SR805, SR705, SR505 - MK-1-5 can be upgraded to MK5CBC with HR-5.4AP

SR806, SR706, SR506 - MK-1-6 can be upgraded to MK6CBC with HR-5.4AP

MK-2 Pickups. We do not have a US-made replacement in this shape.




BH1 pickups. We do not have a US-made replacement in this shape.









A note from Bill Bartolini regarding the design of the pickups for BTB basses:

Bill Bartolini and Ibanez’s top engineers took two years to develop the fantastic MK-2 bass pickups and it’s a partnership that has pleased everyone, especially new BTB owners!
My relationship with Ibanez began in 1995 when they requested some samples. Ibanez started using our products on some models in 1996. In 1998 the (former Ibanez president) and I had a meeting at the Frankfurt Messe and I agreed to work with Ibanez on the Gary Willis Bass project. After sending Gary many samples he approved the pickup and the electronics for his signature instrument.
Since then, we have supplied Ibanez with many bass pickups and various electronics. Before this time, in the earliest years of our history, there was far more emphasis on neck-through construction and enhanced lows and low-mids. In the mid 90's the emphasis shifted to bolt-on construction with more mid and treble emphasis.
We always try to satisfy as many bass players and builders as we can, so we developed designs to satisfy the new requirements and tastes. Most builders were satisfied with an approximately equal tonality from bridge and neck pickups. The neck pickups were always a little brighter with slightly less output than the bridge pickups. But some builders and players preferred putting neck pickups at the bridge and bridge pickups at the neck intentionally. Ibanez was the first to ask for much deeper tone from the neck pickup while retaining a bright tone for the bridge.
When Ibanez asked for special pickups exclusively for Ibanez BTB series, they also asked me to try to blend the older enhanced lows and low mids with the newer, brighter tone in a narrower soapbar design. Could we go beyond what had been achieved in this direction?
The process of designing the final product is always a little bit like making a good salad: there are many ingredients, their characteristics are learned over many years and the final result depends on the mix. Our quad-coil design can yield many other tonalities but, in this case, the desired result was the deepest Deep Neck tone that balanced well with a Bright Bridge tone and retained this tonal balance with the Ibanez designed 4-, 5- and 6-string basses. After several tests and improvements, we reached our goal with the MK-2. Enjoy the wide tonal range!