To choose on-board electronics for an instrument you should consider carefully these things.

  • do you want your instrument to be fully passive so that it does not require a battery, or do you want it to have a consistent and strong output so that it is not negatively affected by your cable, effects, or amplifier? For passive wiring, check out these diagrams -
  • do you want 2-band or 3-band EQ? 2-Band has controls for bass and treble frequencies. 3-Band also has control of mid range frequencies.  Each band will require a knob on the instrument.  
  • how much room is there in the cavity? You will need room to install a preamp and battery(ies).
  • how many controls (knobs and switches) are, or will be on the instrument? 
  • whether you should use 9 volt or 18 volt electronics?  9 volt is excellent for most instruments.  If you want really high output or if you have really strong pickups, 18 volt operation will ensure that you don't have distortion.

For more detail and further study refer to the appropriate Wiring Diagram.

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