The tone of the instrument is the combination of instrument response + pickups + electronics

Instrument response: The response of the instrument varies due to the materials and construction techniques used for the body, neck, bridge and nut.  While a neck-through instrument may provide more sustain, a bolt-on provides more harmonic complexity.  Listen to the instrument unplugged with your ear to the bass side horn, and consider what you hear.  Strong lows? Brilliant highs? How much mid do you hear? This is the instrument response that is available to the pickups and electronics.  Consider how much of this spectrum you want in the amplified sound.

Variety: Do you need one particular tone quality or do you want the maximum versatility from your instrument? Our pickups and electronics cover many approaches and tonal requirements from:
• Very specific (you want one particular tone quality and only that one will do) to
• Very general (you play all styles and change tonal settings all the time)

Active & Passive: All of our pickups are passive, and can be combined with any of our pre-wired pre-amp harnesses for active output. Our “AP” harnesses offer push-pull volume control to select either active or true-bypass passive output.

Pre-Amp Harness Benefits:

• Isolates the pickup output so that outboard effects and amps do not damp the pickup’s output 
• Offers numerous EQ options and allows  both cut and boost to each EQ control

• Wired for either 9V or 18V operation, and the jack provides on/off to the battery to maximize battery life