Pedulla Basses use proprietary Bartolini Pickups that have custom voicings.  Previously, these pickups are only available to Pedulla directly. In June 2019, Pedulla announced their retirement. Pedulla has authorized Bartolini to sell replacement pickups and electronics for verified Pedulla Bass owners. Please contact us by filling the form at this link: 

We will be adding more information to the Pedulla page on our website over the coming weeks. 

If you have another instrument that you want to sound like a Pedulla, we understand, but we can't help. We have great respect for our customers and the custom designs we develop with them.

Some Pedulla basses used active pickups like the BC4KE and BC5KE - a wiring diagram can be found here: BC4KE, BC5KE, P25KE, P45KE Wiring


A wiring diagram for the old Thunderbass® and Thunderbolt® basses that used these active pickups can be found here: